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It Does Pay Sometimes to Perform Demolition

February 12 2013 - Universal Wrecking Corp., a nationwide demolition, dismantling and decommissioning contractor, says that in many cases property owners can have the cost of demolition significantly offset due to scrap metal and useable equipment recovery. 


Scrap metal prices are near historic highs and Universal Wrecking Corp (UWC) is an expert in the recycling and recovery of both ferrous (steel) and non ferrous (copper, aluminum, etc.) scrap metals.  The value of the recovered scrap is applied back as a credit against the cost of demolition. 

In addition, there may be salvageable or useable equipment including electrical equipment, generators, tanks, vessels, mixers and other process and manufacturig equipment.  UWC seeks out buyers of this equipment and also applies any revenue generated from these sales against the cost of the project.

In many cases, the revenue generated from used equipment sales and scrap metal recycling can offset a significant amount of the costs such that a client ends up paying little for the project.  In some cases where there are significant scrap and assets, UWC has paid the client for the rights to the demolition project.

UWC looks forward to discussing your next demolition or dismantling project and can provide a detailed estimate or proposal.


Universal Wrecking Corp. is an expert building demolition contractor and scrap metal recycling company that operates throughout the United States. We have the experienced and safety conscientious personnel, demolition and recycling equipment and the technical expertise to handle standard or very technical wrecking projects.

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